1. frooting:

    this little pose-helper is an awesome reference… I’VE BEEN DOODLING ON THIS THING ALL NIGHT, and for me (someone who can’t think up her own poses to save her life) it’s a glorious tool — it even has a save option so you can pop that shit right into photoshop and use it as a rough copy for your lineart. i don’t know who sent me this or why, but BLESS.

    Well, this is incredibly useful and also addicting

  2. jessepinkmanist:

    life hack: if you don’t want this to happen when clicking urls


    hold in ctrl while clicking

    Also, Xkit has an extension that disables it. If you were on the fence about Xkit, this should convince you.

  3. kelekelo:

    every class is art class if you dont care enough

  4. [Hoenn intensifies]

  5. (Source: fudou)

  6. When you’re drawing someone and the face looks inexplicably jacked up but you can’t figure out why

  7. theubergrump:



    sometimes I forget that rulers work with tablets and I get really frustrated with my inability to freehand straight lines





    #and you can just trace circles too and use a straight edge and ohmygod my whole world is different now   

    omfg for real I thought this was just me?

    er, dear artists of Tumblr:



  8. Anonymous asked: Excuse me um I seen the paint took sai post that people were reblogging from you or others , how do you get a paint tool sai license? I been trying to get one but don't know how to ;A;

    Hi! First off, I just want to clarify: getting a SAI license right now only lets you use SAI 1.0. The SAI 2.0 post that’s going around is for a beta version of the program, and the full version isn’t available yet, even with a license. However, people who have bought a SAI 1.0 license will apparently get to upgrade to SAI 2.0 for free when it finally comes out.

    But yes, getting a license! It’s a little involved. Here’s the whole process:

    First, you need to have SAI installed. You can download it here—scroll down and click ‘Paint Tool Sai (Full Installation)’, then install it.

    To get the license, you need to go to the purchase page and enter your information. Then you’ll be taken to Paypal where you purchase the license (about $52 USD). Did I mention you need Paypal? You need Paypal.

    Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email with your software license information. Now you can get your actual software license! Go to this link and copy in the “Software License Number” and “Certificate Download Password” you got in your email. For the last field, open up your installation of SAI and go to Others -> System ID. Copy your system ID and put it in the last field. 

    Click the "Download Software License Certificate" button and download the weird-looking file it gives you. This is your license! If you get a dialogue box, click ‘save’, not ‘open’.

    Then, copy the license file you just downloaded into your SAI program folder. In Windows, you can find SAI’s program folder by right-clicking SAI’s icon on your desktop or Start menu and selecting ‘open file location’. Just copy-paste the file right in the folder that appears.

    Lastly, check to see if it worked by opening SAI and going to Others -> Version Information. If you see a license number, that means it worked and you now have a beautiful fully-functional version of SAI!

  9. doodlebuggy:

    I keep wishing I could go back to my childhood and work harder at things, but now I realize that when I’m 85, I’m going to wish I could go back to 25 and work harder. So instead of feeling like I wasted too much time, I’m going to pretend I’m 85 years old and I got my wish.

  10. REALLY mad that I can’t read the word ‘tumbler’ without thinking it’s misspelled thanks to this stupid website.