1. LOOK AT THIS CUTIE! Drawn by RoutineMalaise!

  2. Anonymous asked: You read Artemis Fowl? :o

    Yes! It’s a childhood favorite.

  3. fieldoftheother:

    Hi everyone. A few anons have asked for my thoughts on the situation between PurpleKecleon/Mel/PapayaKitty and PengoSolvent. If you don’t know what’s going on: PK is a very well-known artist. Pengo is a lesser-known artist and musician who used to work with and date PK. It started when PK made a post vilifying Pengo. Recently, Pengo called out PK over the post, claiming that PK was manipulative and possibly abusive, and things went downhill from there.

    Context: I’ve been an enormous fan of PK for well over a decade. I’m talking back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Oekaki ruled supreme. I’ve held them at the top of my ‘artists I’d like to emulate’ list for a very long time. Not just their art, their person and their values. So trust me, I’d like to believe in them.

    I’d normally just link to someone else’s post, but 1. this situation rings close to my heart and 2. I haven’t been able to find any posts that address certain key issues. So I took the liberty to vomit out a few pages of my own input. Keep reading for discussion about power disparity and abusive behavior. (Warning: hyperlinks to rape/death threats, discussion of abuse, discussion of ableism.)

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    Important stuff to know for Pokemon fans who might know the artist PurpleKecleon. Please be aware of their past and recent behavior before choosing to support them.

  4. Today I decided to make my bedroom window super spoopy to celebrate Halloween! I was inspired by the ‘dittos' from the webcomic Endtown.

    Step 1: Get cheap craft paint ‘n brushes. I added dish soap to the paint to make it easier to wipe off later.

    Step 2: Make sure you have adult supervision.

    Step 3: Outlines! I traced around a cup and a bowl to make the eyes.

    Step 4: Get high on paint fumes while filling everything in. Looks a bit like abstract art at this point.

    Step 5: Now we’re getting scary.

    Step 6: Add the eyes and put on a second coat of paint. The mouth on the lower left still hasn’t had a second coat, for comparison.

    Step 7: Resolve to take a long shower afterwards.

    It only looks mildly unsettling during the daytime, but at night with the light shining out… nightmare fuel! I’m so happy with it, hahaha.

  5. brownkitten:

    welcome to art school

    oh my god

  6. Cat Rescue Trip: Long Version

    I usually don’t write about stuff in my life, but I’d like to write about this weekend because during the entire trip, life seemed intrinsically interesting in a way that life has not seemed in a very long time. It was really enjoyable and something I’d like to be able to remember. 

    Times are approximate, sentence tense is all over the place, and the pictures are a combo of Google Street View and stuff taken from other blogs because I was driving instead of photographing.

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  7. Anonymous asked: Well wishes to you and Cleo and also hang on wait I totally didn't know you had a bae??

    Cleo is doing a lot better after 12 hours of quiet! She now comes out from behind the boxes as as soon as I enter her room and is drinking and using the litterbox normally. I’m going to wait until she is no longer hiding behind boxes by default before I take any steps towards socializing her with my resident cat. (I hope they get along I hope I hope)

    Yes I do! My sweetheart is a super cool dude named Sinnfinity! We’ve been Internet buddies for close to a decade and have been living together for just over two years now. We like to play vidja games and do cosplay and help each other with creative projects. The whole situation feels a little bit like winning the lottery every single day for two years straight.

  8. One (1) Cleo obtained! Thank you for all the well wishes; the trip went beautifully. Now she can stay in the family instead of going to a shelter or to some stranger. She’s currently installed in her own quiet room so she can settle in after the long ride.


    To anyone trying to get in touch with me about contest stuff or anything else: I will be out of town and will probably not be on the Internets until the 6th or 7th of October. I found out today that my boyfriend’s mom’s cat needs rescuing and the cheapest/sanest way to do so is for me to drive cross-country and get her! Wish me luck!

  10. dragondicks: