1. REALLY mad that I can’t read the word ‘tumbler’ without thinking it’s misspelled thanks to this stupid website.

  2. I held a sphynx cat once. It felt like a warm, squirmy peach.

  3. coffeeandcockatiels:



    A simple PSA, lest your tail-sporting character look like they’re walking around with a really long poop hanging out of their pants.


    The second one is actually anatomically correct. You’d have to either have a second spinal extremity, de-attach the spine from the sacrum, or somehow get rid of the entire sacrum—which is a large chunk of the pelvis and one of the last bones in the spine. It’s the bone that supports the spine and attaches it to the pelvis. Without it, you destabilize the entire skeleton. It’s that hard place nestled between our booty cheeks that always makes us uncomfortable on hard seating.

    The tail would logically extend from the sacrum—that’s where the coccyx protrudes from. The tiny tail piece left over from our ancestors. That’s where the tail protrudes from on non-humans, and yeah, that makes it a “butthole tail.”

    Sorry to add the commentary but I study anatomy and it’s hard to overlook stuff like this. I feel that misinformation should be stopped whenever possible.

    If you think that anthro tail anatomy is cringey, check out the fun that inevitably erupts whenever you have lizard/dolphin/otter/etc characters and try to combine ‘thick lizard tail’ with ‘I don’t want to get rid of the sexy humanoid butt’.

    You either end up with a banana tail that tapers to the width of a toothpick at the base, or you end up with a tail that sprouts from slightly below the shoulder blades.

    Bonus round: try drawing a thick-tailed character, sitting, with the tail pointing behind them. Can you avoid the two techniques above without causing horrific spinal deformity + lower body paralysis?

    This is legit an actual problem for people who want to draw human-proportioned anthros doing everyday things like porn/sitting in chairs/porn while sitting in chairs without having to give them inhumanly wide hips or narrow legs. The most common solution I see is to draw them from the side and hope nobody realizes that that the tail would have to narrow to the width of a sheet of paper in order to squeeze between the character’s asscheeks.

    For a while I tried to give my own generously-tailed anthro OCs (a dragon and an otter) more humanoid proportions so they’d match their universe’s Star-Trek-aliens motif, but after running into these kinds of issues I think I’ll stick to the animalistic bowlegged anatomy just so that they don’t look like circus freaks whenever they have to turn around.

  4. Awesome pieces done by chucklestheboywonder and niklnip! Top are the online ‘personas’ of myself and Sinn, bottom is my aquatic Neopet Boo and her petpet enjoying a summer night.

    They’re currently raising money so they can meet for the first time, so go commission them for the sake of true love!

  5. Hmm, on second thought, I’m gonna lay low with the Qwertee funds until October and then throw a great big Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire giveaway/art contest/party. Not here, though, since it turns out Tumblr’s contest guidelines are surprisingly draconian. Who knew?

  6. Qwertee art theft: part 3


    A rundown and some updates on the Qwertee thing:

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    They did indeed split the commission profits and remove the tee from their site! Thank the heavens.

    However, now I possess a bunch of cash that was earned by ripping off Nintendo’s characters. I’d rather give that money back to the company that deserves it instead of spending it myself. Stay tuned for some Nintendo merch giveaways!

  7. Qwertee art theft: part 2

    A rundown and some updates on the Qwertee thing:

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  8. Mmm, art theft

    So I found this, uh, interesting specimen on sale today on Qwertee


    It’s traced off an image I drew back in 2004 and appears to have been vandalized by a kindergartner in the process. (I’m actually really amazed that people are still plagiarizing this old thing after so long!)


    I contacted the site over several obvious channels, but I have a feeling they’re not going to ‘notice’ my comments until their sales are all safely completed tomorrow.

    Normally I don’t make a fuss about people plagiarizing my Pokemon drawings (much less ten-year-old ones) since it’s just silly fanart that I don’t own the copyrights to anyway. But I’m posting about this incident because sites like Qwertee really rub me the wrong way. For those not familiar, Qwertee is one of many t-shirt design sites that allow users to submit potential designs to be voted on. Then, every 24 hours, they swap out their stock and sell a new batch of designs. (So if you’re seeing this post after July 9th, the stolen design will probably no longer be on the front page.)

    Why only 24 hours? Well, there are limitless benefits to this kind of setup: a huge influx of free unpaid labor (Qwertee pays its winners better than most, but only the winners—their ‘contest’ business model gives them a huge pool of free designs to pick from without having to compensate the majority of the artists who contributed their efforts), fresh new designs to profit off every day so the stock doesn’t get old, and, most importantly, the ability to get away with blatant copyright infringement and plagiarism—since they have such a small sell window, any stolen designs are already safely sold and off the market by the time people/companies notice and send in complaints. I find it incredibly opportunistic and incredibly skeevy.

    So there you have it. Qwertee, supporting unpaid artist labor, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Normally, I’d say “blame the art thief, not the website,” but in my opinion these kinds of websites deserve every bit of scorn they can get.

    Edit: this story had a happy ending. See here for what transpired.

  9. ravendroppings:



    I have never ever opened bridge on purpose but it just keeps happening

    help this happens to me ALL THE TIME


  10. reapersun:

    Okay, this mentality is hugely fucking problematic. I put my stuff on the internet to share with people who like the stuff I like, in a space that I’m in control of. People taking it and putting it elsewhere against my wishes is not “just how the internet works”, it’s a disrespectful practice perpetuated by assholes who just want to take stuff that’s not theirs and use it to get notes or earn money or what the fuck ever. If people really liked my work and had respect for me as an artist and A PERSON they would allow me to control where my own work is displayed, and stop assuming just because you CAN download it and put it somewhere else, means you SHOULD. I don’t even understand how people could NOT understand the artists’ desire to maintain control of their work?? I’M the one who spent hours making it, just because I let people see it and have access to a digital copy doesn’t mean I suddenly wave all rights to it or should not give a shit what people do with it. If there were a way to share without allowing people to save it, believe me, I would do that.

    Also, it doesn’t matter how respectfully the work is taken. Consider a scenario here: the image is taken once, and put on instagram with credit. Then three other people see it from instagram. One puts it on pinterest with the tumblr source. The second puts it on weheartit with credit to the instagram, because hey, that links back to the source, that’s good enough, right? The third person forgets to link back at all, oh well. More people take it from all of those places, crediting any of those places in between. All of the different sources of this image mess with search engine algorithms and override the actual image source, making it harder to find. Someone from etsy looking for copyright free images to use on products finds one of these unsourced images and takes it and makes a bunch of money off it, hurting the artist financially and wasting their time as they struggle to get the products removed. Some idiot who wants to print out a bunch of johnlock porn to shock the actors on a talk show finds some reposted nsfw easily on google and suddenly an artist who just wanted to share their art with a few like-minded people is being mocked in front of millions of viewers. Eventually, the image comes full circle and is reposted on Tumblr with no credit, when it could have easily just been reblogged from the artist.

    This is ignoring all of the people who lie about the source and claim they made it, which DOES HAPPEN despite your claim that it does not. People claim ownership, people trace, people copy the style, people do all kinds of things when they think they’ll get away with it.

    This fucking happens. To almost all of the images I post. Multiple times. A day.

    How hard is it for people to just decide NOT TO BE AN ASSHOLE AND STEAL IT? Why do people always come back to the artist with this bullshit “well if you didn’t want it stolen why did you put it up??” victim blaming garbage? How does that make any sense except to people who want an excuse to steal??

    I’m going to publish this in case other people had this question burning on their mind and because I’m honestly so incensed that people even still ask this question after pretty much every internet artist has had to explain it a dozen times. However I hid their name because even though I’m really pissed off by messages worded this way I have nothing against them personally and don’t want to get them flooded with hate mail or whatever. I’d like to think you are honestly asking, but considering your message is worded like the millions of other messages artists get constantly questioning their rights to control how people share their work, with the standard assumption of my ignorance when it comes to “how things work” and undertone of judgement for thinking I would ever dare try to change “how things work”, forgive me if I’m skeptical.

    People who ask questions like this, YOU just don’t want to accept that you have done something the artist dislikes, so you throw the blame back on the artist. YOU don’t want to change the comfortable little way you’re spending your time online taking others’ works, so you try to convince the artist it’s their fault and it won’t change. This is YOUR problem. Ask yourself if you really want artists to stop sharing their work with you and then decide whether that’s a viable solution to this issue.