1. Everyone!! After years and years, Paint Tool SAI is finally getting an upgrade! Go try the Paint Tool SAI 2 beta! 

    Just a few of the new features:

    • 64 bit/multi-core support
    • Font tool with text layers
    • Bigger canvases! Up to 100,000 x 100,000px canvas size for 64 bit
    • Bigger max brush size (up to 5000px)
    • Circle and line rulers
    • Perspective ruler (guide lines for 1 - 3 point perspective)
    • Select/edit multiple layers at once
    • Upgrade for free if you already have a SAI 1 license

    Paint Tool SAI is my number one recommended art program for digital painters and this just makes it even better! The new font tool and canvas size limits, especially, should make it so much easier for people trying to make comics.

    This is still in beta, so it’s untranslated and has some bugs. But it’s still great news! Go try it out!


    I’m having install problems/what link do I download?
    See this post.

    Will the beta overwrite my current SAI installation?
    No, it doesn’t require installation and will not touch your installed SAI program. It’s just a single file that you double-click to run.

    Can it be used with cracked versions of SAI?
    Yes. It’s completely separate from your installed SAI program.

    How do I draw circles using the circle guide?
    See here.

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